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Our Services

Professional Medical

Prosthetic Treatment

Modify, replace and compensate any part of mouth and face to keep it in good health even after loss of any part in road accidents and cancer surgeries.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhance your confidence to smile by modifying tooth visibility, colour and overall appearance as well as teeth whitening with respect to facial profile and remove scars or marks from your face including moles.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeries and Treatment

To repair and modify the soft and hard structures of face and mouth.

Fixed Orthodontic Treatment

Align the teeth to improve function, aesthetics and to make the oral cavity and supporting bones less prone to disease.

Oral Cancer Treatment

Watch out if you consume tobacco and beatlenut. Consult immediately if you suffer from any

Orthodontic Treatment for Kids

Treatment at the right age to intercept the malocclusion and improper jaw growth in order to avoid braces and surgeries later in life. As the saying goes “ A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE”.

Endodontic Treatment

To relieve acute dental pain and treat dead tooth damaged due to injuries.

Dental X-Ray

To see within the tooth and bone what eyes can’t see and confirm clinical findings.

Crowns and Bridges

To provide an armour shield to teeth susceptible to fracture and replace partial tooth structure or missing tooth to keep you biting fit.

Periodontal Treatment

Keep the shock absorbers of your teeth in good condition to prevent bleeding gums, mobility , pus discharge and gum recession.

Laser Treatment

One of the latest and advanced treatment to treat oral mucosal conditions, bleach the teeth and disinfect root canals.

Tooth Implants

To replace missing tooth /teeth without the support of any natural tooth and provide the patients of complete dentures with the feeling of natural teeth.